BRANT BJORK TRIO – New album coming on Duna Records

BRANT BJORK TRIO announce the release of their new studio album “Once Upon A Time In The Desert” on September 20th, marking the return of Brant Bjork’s beloved desert rock label Duna Records (distributed worldwide by Cobraside Distribution). The trio also releases their new single “Backin’ the Daze” and announce 2024 European and Japan tours.

Brant Bjork has spent over a quarter-century at the epicenter of Californian desert rock. From cutting his teeth drumming and composing on the legendary Kyuss’ landmark early albums, to propelling the seminal fuzz of Fu Manchu from 1994-2001 while producing other bands, putting together offshoot projects, and over the last 20 years embarking on his solo career as a singer, guitarist and bandleader, founding his own record label and more, his history is a winding narrative of relentless, unflinching creativity. Brant Bjork is considered a founding pioneer of the stoner rock and desert rock music scenes. 

In 2024, the Brant Bjork Trio featuring old friend and influential desert rock pioneer Mario Lalli (Yawning Man, Fatso Jetson, Desert Sessions) on bass guitar and Brant Bjork band alumni Ryan Güt on drums will release a breakout full-length LP on Bjork’s newly relaunched Duna Records, distributed worldwide by Cobraside Distribution. “Once Upon a Time in the Desert” is the result of a long collaborative friendship between Bjork, Lalli and Güt. The power trio recorded the tracks at Donner & Blitzen studios in Southern California with another long-time collaborator Mathias Shneeberger, who has recorded and engineered many classic desert rock albums over the years. 

The music the Brant Bjork Trio creates together is a heavy, fluid groove, organic desert rock & roll — a genre created by these veteran independent musicians — and their new record “Once Upon a Time in the Desert” expresses the principles of those styles born in the So Cal desert. Pure, heavy and grooving. So Cal desert blues that only these desert originals can deliver. 
BRANT BJORK TRIO “Once Upon A Time in the Desert”
Out September 20th on Duna Records

Preorders coming soon!

2. Backin’ The Daze
3. Higher Lows
4. Down the Mountain
5. Magic Surfer Magazine
6. Sunshine Is Making Love To Your Mind
7. Rock And Roll In The Dirt
8. Astrological Blues (Southern California Girl)
9. Do You Got Some Fire? 

Brant Bjork shares some insight into the new album and relaunch of Duna Records

Things come and go and sometimes they come back again. With that said, It’s an exciting time for me to be officially re-launching Duna Records. Duna was a vision I had in the mid-’90s and it finally became a reality in 2002 until its hiatus in 2006. Duna Records was and will continue to be my personal record label that is a home for all things creative amongst myself and others that are close to me. The timing couldn’t be better for Duna to begin a new life.

To celebrate this new beginning, I have recorded a new record with the Brant Bjork Trio and it will be Duna’s first official returning release. As you might know by now, due to extensive touring in the U.S., South America, Australia, Europe and Japan, the Brant Bjork Trio consists of my longtime drummer Ryan Güt and my longtime desert brother Mario Lalli on bass. Mario and I share a very unique and very special musical history that began when I was 13 years old! I always knew we would be playing together in my band and my patience paid off. To have Mario and Ryan as the rhythm section in a trio… so rad! Together, Mario and I produced the new record, appropriately titled ‘Once Upon a Time in the Desert’; and we are beyond excited to get this music out and into the hands and ears of all the fans new and old.

I’m very lucky to be able to sustain a life as the musician that I am. I certainly wouldn’t be able to do so without all of the musicians, music industry partners and of course the fans that have supported me for 25 years. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my musical journey and show my appreciation than to re-launch Duna Records and release new and old music directly to my fans, the way it was always meant to be. Thank you and stay tuned for more desert rock.

After completing successful tours of Europe and Australia earlier this year, the Brant Bjork Trio will be kicking off the second leg of their European tour later in July, followed by a tour of Japan in October to promote the release and relaunch of Duna Records. In 2025, the band will tour the UK, selected European regions, USA East Coast, New Zealand and more.

Brant Bjork – guitar & vocals
Mario Lallo – bass
Ryan Güt – drums