MAKEWAR – New video for “”Goodbye to All That” single

New York City’s a siren song with a broken mic – loud, expensive, and grimy — but hard to shake. Even with the tiny apartments, brutal summers, and even the occasional unwelcome roommate (looking at you, rats), it hasn’t chased MakeWar away. Today, stream and watch the video for “Goodbye to All That” from their upcoming album, A Paradoxical Theory of Change, releasing on June 28th. The song delves into their love-hate relationship with the city. Vocalist/ Jose Prieto shares more on his bittersweet feelings below:

“This song is about a relationship. And just like any relationship, it has had its ups and downs. It’s also one of the longest relationships of my life. I met New York City accidentally while running the marathon in 2006. Two years later, I was living and breathing New York. It was the best place I’d ever lived. There was always something to do. Rent was cheap. Beers were a dollar at The Levee. I never missed a Two for Tuesdays at Matchless. Roberta’s had the best pizza in the world, and 6 AM chimichangas at Grand Morelos were a delicacy. Matching tattoos were a typical Sunday morning, always accompanied by breakfast beers in the yard. But slowly, friends started moving away, and I finally started to grow old. Suddenly, I began to notice all the flaws New York City had. There was a new $100 toll every time I left my apartment. The trash and rats in the streets became more visible and more haunting. Driving around for an hour to find parking became obnoxious. When did $10 lattes become the norm? I wrote this song because I loved New York City too much. So much that I once wrote an anthem about it called “Ode,” and now I’m writing my farewell letter to the city I could probably never leave. It’s one of those toxic relationships. But until I find the next place, and I honestly don’t know if I ever will, I’d like to keep calling New York City my home. Love it or hate it, it’s still the best city in the world.”

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MAKEWAR - New video for ""Goodbye to All That" single

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