STÖNER – Stream Kyuss cover with “Green Machine” now!

Californian desert rock supergroup STÖNER (with Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and Ryan Güt) announce the release of their new live album “Hittin’ The Bitchin’ Switch” this October 11th on Heavy Psych Sounds, with a first track and preorders available now! 

🌵 Stream “Green Machine” (Kyuss cover) via Ghost Cult Mag 🌵
STÖNER is the supergroup formed by desert rock forefathers and long-time friends Brant Bjork (founding member of Kyuss, also former Fu Manchu), Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator, former Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age) and Ryan Güt (Brant Björk’s drummer), who released two studio full-lengths and one EP on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Celebrating three studio records and three years of intensive touring across Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand, STÖNER is ready to embark you on their groove-laden live experience with their new live album “Hittin’ The Bitchin’ Switch”. Coming in a gorgeous double LP gatefold edition, the album features the band’s greatest hits as well as their acclaimed covers of the Kyuss classics “Gardenia” and “Green Machine”. It was recorded live at Altroquando in Treviso (Italy) by Matteo Pillon, engineered, mixed and mastered by Tommaso Mantelli and Max Ear at Lesder Studio.

It will be issued in Ultra LTD colored vinyl (2 versions), LTD magenta vinyl, classic black vinyl, CD digipack and digital on October 11th, with preorders available now on Heavy Psych Sounds.

STÖNER “Hittin’ The Bitchin’ Switch” (live album)
Out October 11th on Heavy Psych Sounds – Preorder

STÖNER - Stream Kyuss cover with "Green Machine" now!

1. A Million Beers
2. Party March
3. The Older Kids
4. Rad Stays Rad
5. Evel Never Dies
6. Night Tripper vs No Brainer
7. Stand Down
8. Own Yer Blues
9. It Ain’t Free
10. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
11. Tribe – Fly Girl
12. Strawberry Creek
13. Nothin’
14. Gardenia (Kyuss cover)
15. Green Machine (Kyuss cover)

If the name STÖNER seems a little on the nose, well… it is. Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri, founding members of the stoner rock legend Kyuss, are joined again by drummer Ryan Güt (of Bjork’s solo band) and they’ve got dibs on the thick and dusty swinging grooves. Their love for their early inspirations (bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Kiss, Ramones, Blue Cheer, Misfits, Black Flag, The Stooges, MC5) results in big, groovy, sunbaked riffs that can cruise low and slow but then floor it and run all the red lights.

Live, STÖNER is a band about the magnetism between the players, the groove, loose vibe and straight-up badass rock and roll… Stöner are masters of their trade. Their world is a colorful joyride, heavy of rock but not of the head. Their records crank with vibes of classic hard rock, heavy blues, desert rock and psych rock jams — things that come organically to this trio. Stöner can’t help but express an abundance of punk rock rawness and passion for real rock and roll swagger. Their first three albums “Live at Mojave”, “Stoners Rule” and “totally…” on Heavy Psych Sounds see the band realizing the chemistry of these old friends developing a statement of pure rock and roll fun. Their latest 2023 EP “Boogie To Baja” featured five tracks in the purest STÖNER tradition, a perfect mix of desert swing, stoner rock and low desert punk all at once! With Bjork’s laid-back grooves, Oliveri’s unstoppable fire and Güt’s swagger and flair, this is once again a top-shelf record that will drive all fans of the stoner rock veterans crazy. STÖNER is:
Brant Bjork — Guitar & Vocals
Nick Oliveri — Bass & Vocals
Ryan Güt — Drums 

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