ULTRABOMB – Punk rock power trio featuring Greg Norton (Hüsker Dü), Finny McConnell (The Mahones), Jamie Oliver (UK Subs), releasing sophomore album ‘Dying To Smile’ on June 7

UltraBomb is here to blow up your world… Again! The band is a collective force of some considerable pedigree, truly an international supergroup. Greg Norton (Hüsker Dü-USA) Finny McConnell (The Mahones-Canada) and Jamie Oliver (UK Subs-UK). The have spent decades playing with some of the most iconic punk bands of our time.

The band’s sophomore album ‘Dying To Smile’ explodes everywhere on June 7th via DC-Jam Records.

Catch them on tour in the US with ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES. European tour dates coming soon.

Stream the album here: https://orcd.co/91oplqx

Stream the single “Rage Bomb” here: https://orcd.co/v8brmvo

Order ‘Dying To Smile’ here:


Music written by Finny McConnell, Greg Norton, and Jamie Oliver. Lyrics by Greg Norton.

Recorded at Perry Vale Recording Studios, London England. Engineered by Pat Collier.

Mixed by Gene Hughes Telejet Studio Toronto, Canada

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