VOID OF VISION – Share Ferocious New Single “Empty”

Raw, ferocious and oozing with caustic dexterity, come and witness the high octane new single “Empty” from metalcore mavericks Void Of Vision, officially out today via UNFD.

Following the quartet’s transmutation via the razor-sharp 2023 single “Angel Of Darkness”“Empty” is a sweltering blend of pummeling beats and oscillating melodics, complete with jagged riffs, voracious vocals and a fiery breakdown that all combine to unite the recent journey behind the scenes in particular for frontman Jack Bergin.

“‘Empty’ was written halfway through our Australian tour in October last year,” shares Bergin“We’d just completed our first run of shows back since I had surgery following a brain AVM rupture in April, which left me facing mixed emotions I didn’t expect. On one hand, we were playing our largest ever headline shows to date and selling them all out, and on the other I was facing the fear of getting up on stage every night risking another potential rupture every set I played.”

“Performing under the ‘Angel Of Darkness’ persona for the single campaign, I’d get up on stage and play it down from the usual high energy show we’re known for, leaving every second of gratitude or appreciation to be communicated by a backing track in between songs to communicate with the audience,”Bergin continues. “A protective measure sure, yet I felt vapid and far from the engaging stage persona that had led us to playing these bigger stages in the first place. We were at the peak of our career and I felt nothing but imposter syndrome up where I usually feel most at home.”

“Everything quickly snowballed into more bottled up emotions surfacing, all of a sudden finding myself coming to terms with unprecedented body dysmorphia after my hospital stay. I had never even processed losing all my hair from alopecia until I had to return to societal norms after hiding away for months straight off the back of touring. I’d just been diving into a world of fashion and makeup trying to cover everything up just to hide my face and body in a world where I couldn’t avoid comments and remarks, no matter how I presented myself.”

“Following the Sydney date of tour we found ourselves in the studio on an off day, laying down the foundations of what would by the end of the day, become Empty’,” Bergin concludes. “I took the first words off the top of my dome, and screamed that chorus at the top of my lungs, leaving the take from that very demo the exact same as the intro in the final track you hear today. It feels suiting to return now with a song all about perception, not only by the public but also one self.. and it feels like true growth now feeling entirely realized and ready for whatever is to come.”

VOID OF VISION - Share Ferocious New Single "Empty"

Melbourne’s Void Of Vision have solidified their standing as one of the most innovative and sonically explosive acts in the modern heavy scene for over a decade. Performing at Australia’s first-ever Knotfest edition, alongside Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Megadeth and more, to collaborating with metal-meets-electronic DJ and producer PhaseOne, Void Of Vision also recently unveiled the amalgamated CHRONICLES series as a complete album, bringing together the previously standalone EPs LUSTHEAVEN and UNDERWORLD into a gripping snapshot of Void Of Vision‘s relentlessly inventive past, present and future.

From their debut EP, 2014’s “Broken // Bones” through to 2016’s “Children of Chrome”, 2017’s “Disturbia”, 2019’s “Hyperdaze” and the release of “CHRONICLES”, a new future was heralded in 2023 by the standalone single Angel Of Darkness; an alt metal rager weighted equally by searing heaviness and pulsing pop, helmed by the titular Angel Of Darkness as the band’s representative during the single’s campaign.

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